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Enticing Slices and Distinctive Italian Fare at Rosario’s Trattoria in Midland Park, NJ

Rosario's Trattoria serves enticing Brooklyn Sicilian slices, a delicious Zanabella sautee, and incredible stuffed zeppoles.

Midland Park, New Jersey has a local gem. North Jersey foodies should make themselves aware.

As a North Jersey native and one who regularly seeks out exceptional Italian cuisine I pride myself on always looking out for the best pizza spots. I was everything but disappointed in my trip to Rosario’s Trattoria for these exact reasons.

Rosario’s Trattoria, an Italian-style eating establishment, serves up simply delicious slices and offers an extensive list of Italian dishes including Pastas, Sandwiches, and Sautes.

I took a trip to Rosario’s in December of 2018 sampling as much as I possibly could manage and leaving no prisoners.

As I entered Rosario’s for my Tuesday night dinner at 6:00pm I was kindly greeted by general manager Daniel as I entered the door. From there he took me to one of the equally friendly members of the waiting staff, Andrew, who brought me to my seat (ready right away) in the dining room.

At this point there were a few parties filling up tables around me but this quickly changed as we approached 6:45/7:00pm when, surprisingly for a Tuesday night, the Restaurant was packed with eager diners.

Rosario’s Pizzaiolo Carmelo and Manager Dan

The Meal

I sampled a dish from each of the following categories: pizza’s, salads, appetizers, entrees, and desserts. Each leaving me craving for the next as I enjoyed them.

I began with two pizza slices. A Brooklyn Sicilian slice (thick crust, mozzarella, sauce, parmesan, oregano, olive oil) and classic plain cheese pizza slice (mozzarella, sauce, classic cheese). The Brooklyn Sicilian slice had a perfect cheese to sauce ratio with thick and flavorful crust. It was thick cut, airy, and satisfying.

Rosario’s Brooklyn Sicilian Pizza

An important aside here, each on of Rosario’s pizzas are hand crafted by resident pizzaiolo (pizza man) Carmelo who has been making pizza for an astonishing 43 years. Not to mention he was born in Sicily. If that doesn’t sound authentic to you I don’t know what else will.

After pizza I moved onto the Blue Nut salad which was a wonderful combination of blue cheese candied pecans, almonds, and walnut balsamic.

Rosario's Blue Nut Salad
Rosario’s Blue Nut Salad

Everything at Rosario’s is portioned generously.

Following the Blue Nut I moved onto the appetizer category and was gleeful when my Calamari Rosario arrived. Fried calamari, bruschetta, scallion, cajun spice & balsamic glaze. Mmm.

Calamari Rosario Appetizer 

Balsamic and calamari was delightful and complemented by the bruschetta and Cajun spice.

Finally onto the main course! I was so pleasantly surprised by this sauteed dish: the Zanabella (named I believe after the owner, Rosario’s, wife) and a specialty at the restaurant. The dish included penne pasta (al dente), roasted red peppers, spicy blackened chicken, vodka sauce.

Rosario's Zanabella

Rosario’s Zanabella Sautee

This was such a flavorful and satisfying sauteed dish. The vodka sauce was creamy and savory, pasta cooked to perfection, and the blackened chicken with just the right amount of kick. The portion of this dish was absolutely massive. Very generously sized. Bravo on this one. I’m still craving it.

At this point I did not think I could muster the strength to eat anymore. However I’m glad I fought through to dessert. Last but not least… the home run, no – the grand slam, was Rosario’s Stuffed Zeppoles. I can not recall a better zeppole from recent memory than these. Stuffed between hot zeppoles sliced in half was the most delicious cannoli cream filling. Outstanding dessert.

Rosarios Stuffed Zeppoles 

As if the meal wasn’t satisfactory enough Rosario’s staff was so hospitable and engaging during my visit. The waiting staff was attentive and stopped by my table on numerous occasions.

Check out my Yelp review of Rosario’s below.

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I highly recommend you get yourself out to Rosario’s for a delicious Italian meal soon. Let them know Foodist sent you and ask for the manager Daniel!

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